Asymmetrical Marketing and Personal Branding with Adam Robinson - The Transaction - Ep # 13

In this episode of The Transaction, Co-Hosts Matt Amundsen and Craig Rosenberg chat with Adam Robinson, founder of a $20 million ARR bootstrapped SaaS company. Adam shares his journey of leveraging LinkedIn for marketing, discussing the power of personal branding and asymmetrical marketing in today’s competitive business environment. He offers insights on content creation, audience engagement, and the future of sales strategies.

• Personal branding on LinkedIn can significantly impact business growth.
• Authenticity and transparency build strong audience connections.
• Asymmetrical marketing allows smaller companies to outmaneuver larger competitors.
• Sharing both successes and failures creates relatable and engaging content.
• Leveraging organic social media can lead to substantial business opportunities.

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Viral Memes and Easter Bunny Anecdote
05:00 Welcoming Adam Robinson
07:00 Adam’s LinkedIn Journey and Personal Branding
15:00 Challenges in Outbound Sales and Market Trends
25:00 Importance of Authenticity and Transparency
35:00 Asymmetrical Marketing Strategies
45:00 Building a Personal Brand and Engaging Content
55:00 Outro and Final Thoughts

Quote of the Show
“Being famous within your target audience is the most valuable thing you could ever have as a founder.” - Adam Robinson

Connect with Adam Robinson
• LinkedIn: Adam Robinson

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Phrases Minted in this Episode
• “Asymmetrical Marketing”
• “Personal Branding on LinkedIn”
• “Sharing the L’s”

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Asymmetrical Marketing and Personal Branding with Adam Robinson - The Transaction - Ep # 13
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