Diagnosing Sales with Becc Holland - The Transaction - Ep #12

In this episode of The Transaction, Co-Hosts Matt Amundsen and Craig Rosenberg sit down with Becc Holland, a sales expert known for her innovative approaches to diagnosing and solving sales challenges. They delve into the nuances of effective sales strategies, emphasizing the importance of proper diagnosis over traditional sales tactics. Becc shares her insights on understanding buyer metrics, discovering hidden problems, and delivering real value.

  • Effective selling is about diagnosing problems the buyer is unaware of.
  • Understanding and leveraging buyer metrics are crucial.
  • Sellers should focus on delivering insights, not just pitching products.
  • Discovery calls should be separate from demo calls to allow thorough diagnosis.
  • Providing value through actionable advice builds credibility and trust.
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:00 Viral Meme and Easter Bunny Anecdote
  • 05:00 Transition to Business Discussion
  • 08:00 Welcoming Becc Holland
  • 10:00 Importance of Bold Moves in Marketing
  • 15:30 Discovering Hidden Problems
  • 25:00 Diagnosing and Solving Buyer Issues
  • 35:00 Metrics and Industry Averages
  • 45:00 Strategic Risk-Taking and Big Wins
  • 55:00 Outro and Final Thoughts
Quote of the Show "It's not about showing me that you know me; it's about showing me that you know something about me that I don't know." - Becc Holland

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Connect with Becc Holland
  • Gartner
  • Forrester
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Andy Raskin
Phrases Minted in this Episode
  • "Diagnose the Correct Things"
  • "Pain is Different from a Problem"
  • "Outlearn Your Competitors"
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Diagnosing Sales with Becc Holland - The Transaction - Ep #12
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